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Save Our Lions - SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary

We desperately need your help to save our 16 lions. These lions have been rescued from the notorious "Canned Hunting" industry.

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Save Our Lions - SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary


         SanWild Lion Sanctuary at risk of closing down

While more and more reports of deliberate lion killings surface in South Africa a small animal welfare charity may have to be forced to shut down their lion sanctuary that has been operational since 2003 when conservation authorities confiscated some lion from South Africa’s infamous canned lion breeding and hunting industry as a result of dwindling donor funding and increased expenditure.

The SanWild Lion Sanctuary funded by mainly international donor funding has been home to a number of rescued lion that are held in large natural habitat enclosures in their respective prides.

The SanWild Wildlife Trust spend approximately R500 000 per year on food for the lions, but in the last year has battled to raise sufficient funding to continue the operation. Despite repeated local and international funding appeals no long term sponsorship could be secured. One of the sanctuaries main international animal welfare organisation donors have also cut funding to the lion sanctuary with 30% and this has put even more pressure on the small organisation to operate effectively.

Louise Joubert, founder trustee of the SanWild Wildlife Trust said that they have reached a point where they are simply no longer in a financial position to fund the lion’s upkeep and feeding from other sources and that the reality of the closure of the lions sanctuary is a very harsh reality unless long-term sponsorship can urgently be found. The only other alternative that can secure the 16 lions future is to find at least 16 local adoptive foster parents or companies that would be willing to take on the monthly expenses of feeding individual lions in order to use the tax benefit they will get in South Africa. All the lions were confiscated from illegal breeding projects or intended hunts. 
South Africa’s reputation as a conservation leader continues to be tarnished by the captive lion breeding and hunting industry that now also supplies the bones of lions that have either been shot or deliberately euthanized to East Asian markets where the bones are in high demand for amongst other uses the manufacture of “lion wine” – a substitute for “tiger wine”. The constant forced removal of captive bred lion cubs continues unchallenged by the conservation authorities to ensure a rapidly growing “volunteer” or “walk with lions” tourism industry.

SanWild has appealed to potential private foster parents, donors and corporate sponsors to urgently help them deal with the immediate financial challenge to ensure that a bona fide lion sanctuary is not forced to shut down its operation which will inevitably result in the SanWild lions facing a very bleak and questionable future.

CONTACT PERSON: Louise Joubert, email [email protected] tel: +27(0)15-3839958, +27(0)833103882

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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. - Gandhi


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