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Help Save Princess

Sometimes you have to do what fate is asking you to do, and fate brought this beauty into our lives to give us the chance to save her from a dark fate.

Pets Tampa, USA
Help Save Princess

This past winter life's circumstances took my husband and I to a small village in Rhodes, Greece called Lahania. Anyone who has ever been in Rhodes knows there is a bad stray cat problem. You see them everywhere in all stages of health. There are far too many cats for them to all have a home and rescues are overrun with sad cases. We lived there throughout the winter, taking care of what we needed to do. While we lived there, along came little Princess. Shane has another name for her but I won't mention it laugh. She immediately fell head over heels in love with him, and I started calling her his other girlfriend.  

This was her when she first adopted us: 

At first she was nervous and terrified. But it wasn't long before she was with us all of the time though~ waiting for us every morning. She truly did develop a bond with Shane. In fact, he had to go on a trip for a few days once and she sat on the wall staring at the car, waiting for him to emerge:

Winter is the rainy season in Rhodes, and they frequently have bad storms. Like all cats, she hated the rain. In the beginning, she would press herself against the door or window ledge. But if I opened the door she would run. During a really bad storm though, I decided to just bring her inside. The first time I brought her in to get her out of the rain, she howled and panicked. She raced to the door crying and howling, darting from room to room looking for an escape. This lasted for a few minutes, and then she finally relaxed.  She soon came to realize she liked being inside. Toward the end of our time there she would wait until the door was open so she could dart inside. She spent her days sleeping on the bed or playing with the rug by the fireplace. She never wanted to leave the house. It was then that I realized she was born to be a house-cat.

She loved us and felt safe and secure. For the first time in her young life she had a home and love. The problem with Princess is that she is a loner, afraid of other cats and people (aside from us). Life once again stepped in, and circumstances led us away from Rhodes. When we left Greece I thought she would be okay because we had turned her into a sweet cat that has nothing but love and a lot of smiles to give.

BUT.... we had to return a few weeks ago and she was not the same cat. We had only been gone TWO MONTHS and in that time she became a skeleton who was terrified of people, My only thought was that she approached the woman who owned the house we rented for affection, and she was hurt. We know for a fact the woman hates cats, and considers them vermin. It took weeks to get her to trust again. It breaks my heart to think about what she has been through. She deserves LOVE!

She comes running when she hears us coming to feed her:

NOW we get to our biggest problem....

We are finally able to move back home BUT we cannot leave here knowing what we know now. However, taking her home to the US with us is very expensive. I have done the research on what is required, and contacted a few rescues for guidance. Rescuing her from suffering is actually a simple thing to do, but costly.


  • Vetting for a health check and Pet passport
  • Shots/vaccines
  • airline pet fees
  • Possible Rescue assistance (if she needs to stay behind and come with Courier)

This all adds up to over $2000 with airfares, and everything above. This is more money than we have right now. We are putting what we have toward this, but desperately need help!

We cannot abandon her again! Please help me save her. She will have an amazing home filled with love, but we have to get her from Greece to the USA. I know in my heart she won't survive if we have to leave her  behind crying




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