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Give The Gift Of Vision

Promote their education by providing glasses to Cambodians in need. Help us reach our goal of providing 2000 pairs in 2013.

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Give The Gift Of Vision

Give the Gift of Vision: Send a pair of glasses to a Cambodian in need.

Who We Are:

It started as a small project, to do some good on a family vacation. Donations were collected to fit an orphanage in Cambodia with new glasses. As each person put glasses on, their eyes lit up. One said, "I thought I couldn't see the board because it was so far! Now I know it was because I can't see. I can see!" We knew we needed to continue this project.  

Now, we are a group of college students, who founded a non-profit organization, Seeing is Believing, to provide eye-glasses to school-children, orphans, and others in need in Cambodia. We are a completely volunteer-based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

From August 1st to August 14th, we will be distributing glasses in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. We work directly with local Cambodian optometrists in order to provide the most amount of glasses possible. As a result:

  • For $15, a child can be screened and fitted with a brand new pair of prescription glasses.
  • $5 buys someone in need a brand new pair of reading glasses.
  • $125 can screen an entire orphanage and fit any in need with brand new glasses.

Think about that! Even the littlest contribution can make a huge impact. Not only do you buy someone a pair of glasses, but you restore their vision, you allow them to read, to drive, to watch the sunrise, to see their family, and so much more.  

Why us? Why this?

1. The gift. Eyesight is criticial to every day functioning. Without it, you wouldn't even be reading this right now. But imagine all the little things that require your eyesight. We do so many little things each day without even realizing how valuable clear vision is. By restoring clear vision to orphans and school-aged children, you promote their education, reading, confidence, and so much more. The effects are never-ending. 

2. The need. The National Centre for Disabled People (NCDP) predicts that over 1 million Cambodian citizens need access to some sort of eye-care, but cannot afford it, or do not have access to it. The World Health Organization has found that uncorrected eyesight errors are the leading cause of blindness among low and middle income. 

3. The history. In the late 1970s, Cambodia was taken over by a tyrannical dictator, Pol Pot. In a horrific genocides, at least 2 million Cambodians we killed. Among the targeted were doctors, lawyers, professors, business-leaders, and other intellects. How were these people found? Often simply by appearance. Eye-glasses were one of those signals of intelligence, and could have led to death. Glasses are significant in Cambodian culture. You promote intelligence and education in a now peaceful country. 

4. We work with local organizations to provide care to those most in need. For example, the NCDP has identified those who have the least access, and then coordinate our work to screen and fit them with a pair of glasses. This streamlines the process, and allows for your contribution to go to the one with the most need. 

5. We speak Cambodian. This allows us to communicate directly with the doctors, recipients, and organizations themselves. 

6. We are a unique organization. If you don't believe us, see #4. But also, as a completely volunteer-based organization, all proceeds go directly towards purchasing glasses. 

What We Need

Plain and simple, to reach our goal of 2000 pairs of glasses distributed, we need $7500 more dollars. We are a completely volunteer organization, so all of our other expenses are covered. Eye doctors in Cambodia are willing to screen for free, as long as glasses are purchased from them. This means that your contributions go directly to purchasing glasses for children. Our distribution will take place from August 1st to August 14th, which means we need to receive all funds about a week before. 

What You Get

Cambodian culture is rich. Many of the perks involve traditional Cambodian keepsakes. On top of that, the biggest perk is enriching anothers life. 

Perks include:

  • Warm fuzzy feelings, knowing you provided necessary eye-care.
  • Pictures of the specific person you purchases a pair of glasses for. 
  • "Thank-you" in the form of a tweet, a personal thank-you note, or a video thank-you.
  • A traditional Cambodian scarf- a krama in Cambodian.
  • A traditional Cambodian table-cloth/runner.
  • Cambodian silk purse. 
  • Video of a school, orphanage, or of our distribution all together. 

We will work with you to make gifts and perks fit you and your wants as best as possible. 

Please note, add $8 for shipping out of US. 

Should we not meet our goal:

Should we not reach our goal, well, the distribution goes on! So we will distribute as many as possible, and all contributors will receive their perks. 

The Impact

Cambodia is called the Kingdom of Wonders. Some say this comes from Angkor Wat, beautiful rice fields, and intriguing mountain ranges. Those who have been there know it is because of the people. The Cambodian people are among the most kind, humble, and happiest in the world. Your contribution goes to help improve the lives of these wonderful people. 

Imagine life without clear vision. Those who wear glasses or contacts understand just how valuable eyesight is. Even more, imagine not having corrective lenses. By contributing to our campaign, you are allow someone to:

  • Read books
  • See the chalkboard clearly
  • Cook
  • Drive
  • Enjoy the beauty of every day, and so much more. 

Other Ways You Can Help

We know not everyone is in a position to help right away. There are other ways to get involved. These include:

  • Share our campaign and cause with others you know via Facebook, Twitter, and personal emails.
  • Check out and share our website-
  • Contact us about hosting your own fundraising.

Thank you for your contributions, your considerations, and all your assistance. We are truly grateful. 


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